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Five Adult Webcam Site Myths

The following article addresses five common adult webcam site myths. These are a few of the reasons why some say they are afraid to visit adult cam sites.

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“Adult sex cam sites infect computers with malware”

This is false. Cam watchers thinking sex cam sites infect their computer is a popular adult webcam myth. Users worried about malware are jaded from online porn in the early days. Every ad was a pop-up that corrupted your browser creating big problems on shared computers. Malware infections of the past made it so that you couldn't hide your porn viewing footprints from your family or spouse. This unfortunate practice of pop-ups and malware is no longer widely used but not eliminated 100%. There are still some bad actors out there that use these tactics when promoting XXX affiliate programs. Unfortunately, the porn companies took the blame for the bad practices when it was actually not them. Nefarious characters that were promoting XXX conent with the affiliate program's attractive banners gave porn companies and the industry a bad name.

Those days are behind the internet and has not been a problem in mainstream XXX sexcam platforms like Chaturbate, StripChat, CamSoda, or others. These companies ban affiliates for these practices and withhold affiliate income earned for violating the webcam company's promotion policies. The best free live sex cams sites and free live chat services do not take over your browser. You will see a grid of sexcam perfromers that you can choose from when you navigate to a reputable site. When you find the model that appeals to you, you just click on their picture and engage. You close the browser when you're done and go about your merry way. Reputable sex cam sites do not need to trap you with pop-ups because their service sells itself.

“I am not anonymous when I watch live adult webcams”

This adult webcam site myth is absolutely false. Everybody on the web cam platform is anonymous. Unregistered guests browse with no registration which means no one knows who you are. Registered guests on the other hand, choose their own name when they register. You will remain anonymous as long as you don't use your real name, personal email address, or some other identifier that can be directly tied back to you. Browse an sex chat room on StripChat and see if you can figure out anyone's name. You will not be able to do so unless they want you to know who they are.

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“Adult webcam sites promote free access that is not true”

This is false. All the live cam sites that advertise 100% free access are in fact F-R-E-E. They are free for you to browse and be a looky loo as long as you like. There are limitations for how long you can watch one model but you are not limited on the platform. You will not however, be able to interact with the girls, make requests, or give them tips. You have to register and log in to interact and chat. Most adult chat stars mute unregistered users.

“Adult webcam models are mean and unhappy”

This is false. The sex cam girls find out quickly when they start working in the business if caming is a good fit for them or not. If they're uncomfortable talking to customers about sex or performing they will not last long. Most adult web cam platforms have a list of recommended models that have been on the platform for some time. Most platforms also indicates which models are new. These two indicators can help you find what you're looking for. The more experience you have watching cam shows, the more you will see the performer's mood is a part of their show. The live web cam chat hosts are putting on a show for customers in exchange for tips or a lucrative private show. If you encounter an unhappy model, vote with your mouse and find another. You will easily find another model to satisfy your needs.

“Adult live cam models are abused by customers”

This is false. While there are instances where customers make requests without tipping or make rude comments, it doesn't last long when it happens. The model can ban a user and kick them out of their room. There are also moderators as well. Unprofessional and rude people are dealt with swiftly. The cam models understand they run the risk of rude customers. The performers also understand that some rude customers are actually being rude because that's what turns them on sexually. In that case, the customer is dealt with if they are not a good fit for the model or ruining the room's vibe.

Conclusion: So what are you waiting for?

As you can see, the common adult webcam site myths that are floating around the internet are not something to be worried about. Today's cam site users can relax and enjoy the show in the privacy of their own home with complete anonymity. Enjoy the show!!!


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