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Chaturbate Review, Is It Really Free?

Chaturbate is to adult webcam companies what PornHub is tube sites. Chaturbate wasn't the first online cam company, but it is definitely the most well-known. With an innovative name like Chaturbate, combining the two very complimenting activities of chatting and masturbating, a cult following was born. The following grew as Chaturbate invested and exceeded viewer expectations. The 100% amateur platform gives viewers a global reach to exotic beauties from around the world. I'll take you through the site concluding the end of this Chaturbate review with a recommendation.

chaturbate free online adult web cams and XXX sex chat with no registration or email required

Quick Chaturbate facts from Wikipedia:

  • Chaturbate provides live webcam performances by individual webcam models and couples
  • Camming activities ranging from striptease and erotic talk to masturbation with sex toys
  • There are six categories: female cams, male cams, couple cams, transgender cams, private shows and spy shows
  • Gender-specific categories are free to watch
  • Viewers have to pay to join a private show
  • Spy shows are private shows where viewers do not interact
  • Chaturbate is the 65th most popular website in the world
  • Chaturebate is the 5th most popular adult site.
  • Chaturbate is 22nd in the Alexa global rank
  • Chaturbate is the largest adult camming site
  • 4.1 million unique visitors each month

An Overview of Chaturbate

Typing into your web browser will result in an age verification prompt. After you confirm you are old enough to buy cigarettes you will be taken to a glorious grid page with several provocative pictures. It will be those first steps into the candy store where you struggle to choose what you think will satisfy your desires. The Chaturbate homepage displays a wide variety the most beautiful models at various stages of their online cam show. These are the featured models. You'll have everyone from big tits close ups to solo cam girls masturbating showing their off butt holes, gang bangs, drilldo mechanical instruments, and more. It's a very welcoming sensory overload!!!

Chaturbate - sex web cam lesbian babes Hosting Live adult entertainment online Chat and fun show

You can further limit the cams by female male couple or trans to narrow your focus with the other tabs. There is a Spy Shows tab where you can watch a show but not interact with the model. Then the last tab is for the active cams of the models you choose to follow once you register. The Followed tab will be 0/0 right now because you're not logged in or because you haven't followed any models. You follow models by clicking the orange “+ FOLLOW” button underneath the chat area. Below the primary menu there are several hashtags for major niche cameras like #Asian, #big boobs, #18, #mature, #ebony, #milf, #pregnant, #pantyhose, and more.

Find the Chaturbate Model of Your Fantasies

Chaturbate doesn't have active preview on the homepage when you mouse over the individual pictures like most sites but the page refreshes automatically every 45 seconds. I'll be shocked if it takes you longer than 10 seconds to click on a picture let alone 45. An awesome feature from Chaturbate is the home page contains a freeze frame from the current show. Other sites don't do that. On other sites you will see an amazingly gorgeous model on display in an appealing white shirt but her makeup will be different and she'll be in a bikini when you click the picture. For Chaturbate, the model is wearing the outfit that caught your eye. When you do find something that catches your eye, you'll click the model's picture and the webcam will open up the model's live show on the left side.

chaturbate free online adult web cams and XXX sex chat with no registration or email required

The live chat will be on the right side under the Chat tab. The next tab is USERS (####). That number is how many people are actively watching that cam at that moment. The next tab is PM where you can pm the model if you are a “supporter, fan club member, or moderator”. The final tab is for settings where you can do some very basic customization to the platform appearance specific to your needs.

chaturbate free online adult web cams and XXX sex chat with no registration or email required

Scan the Chaturbate Cams if You Can't Pick One To Watch

When watching a model's cam, there is an option to Scan Cams in the top right. This is a good option if you can't decide and want to different cams for 15 seconds each. When you're watching the shows in the right, you'll see. A link to scan cams if you click scan cams it'll take you to a random cam for 15 seconds. You can select NEXT CAM or (C+/) If you don't like what you see. It'll advance to the next cam. You can exit scanning by hitting any key. You never know what's going in the shows when you catch a 15 second glimpse. It could take longer than 15 seconds to figure that out so remember to exit scan mode when you find something you like because the cam you just left may be hard to find again. There are so many choices!!!!

Immediately above the cam you will find the model's goal and how many tokens they want. Below the cam, there are some other goal related stats. For example, you will see naked split roast at 174 tokens or 10 minute sex show. 3,274 tokens left. The models do different things with these two locations so don't be surprised if it's a little different than described here. There's a wide variety of goals.

Chaturbate Model Info, Additional Content, and Fan Clubs

At the bottom section of the web page, you'll see a link a tab for Bio. This will tell you everything about the models such as their name, followers, birthday, age if you can't do math, location, interests, tattoos, and more that they want you to know. Social media links will be there somewhere as well as options to access additional free pictures, paid content for tokens, and a plug to sign up for their fan club. Often often you will see an Amazon wish list, onlyfans sign up, and more. It's their self promotion real-estate. A lot of the cam models are very creative. They have little animated emojis/GIFs.

chaturbate free online adult web cams and XXX sex chat with no registration or email required

Chaturbate Hourly Competitions

Chaturbate has hourly contests. The Cam with the most points receives a $10 prize every hour. The second place cam gets $5. The link for the current rankings is right after Bio and Pics & Videos. You can see who's in the lead across the platform if you want to see what the highest rated cam model is doing right now. Then there's another tab for more rooms similar to the one you're watching which is self explanatory and a share tab.

What Do Chaturbate Cam Models Look Like?

The cam models come in all walks of life. There are from everyone on the planet unless it's illegal or if they don't have internet access. You will find cam models from all continents except Antarctica. There are models from American, Russian, Chinese, Thai, Colombian, Venezuelan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates, Jamaica, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, and every place in between. You can try any flavor you desire. There a men, women, couples, and various stages of transgender. The models are all shades of color from ghost white to midnight black. It's a beautiful spectrum.

chaturbate free online adult web cams and XXX sex chat with no registration or email required

What Happens During Chaturbate Shows?

Chaturbate shows come in all shapes and forms. Individual shows are based on the model's creativity, willingness to perform, and resources. You can find a farm themed show from a model on a farm. Another show will be a plain Jane girl in a small room naked with a Lush2 in her pussy, drinking wine, playing with her dog, and answering questions and taking requests from the 6022 people watching her. There is a lot of diversity on the platform. You will find a gorgeous Colombian MILF with big tits drinking beer on her balcony while singing and dancing showing off her tits. There is another cam model who smokes cigarettes while getting fucked by a mechanical fucking machine with a camera behind her and a camera in her face. The cam shows are all of this and more.

Many models cater to specific niches and develop cult followings. They have niche specific props, outfits, and acts. The most successful models have perfected their shows over many years of camming experience.

What's on the Chaturbate Model's Menu?

Most cam shows have a natural progression. Models don't typically just flip on the cam all lubed up with a vibrating toy in her ass and give away the goods. The natural progression would be starting with chat. There will be a goal to take shirt off. Then a goal to put oil on tits. Next is a goal to take off pants or get fully nude. Then a goal to use a sexy toy. The show escalates from there. The crowd grows, the requests come in, and the show goes on. The models do want to get the Lush2 in play as soon as possible because that's easy money. Viewers are quick to give a few tokens to give the model a few good blasts. Everyone wins with that.

Most of the webcam models will have the toy in their vagina or their ass or both. They have a menu for blasts. If you tip one to fourteen coins the model get a two second blast if you do 15 to 99 coins, they'll get a five second blast if you do hundred to three hundred and get a ten second blast or thirty second or sixty second, or whatever. The prices vary and change all the time.

Chaturbate Gives You Unlimited Options

The models also have a menu for other requests or services that are as wide ranging as you could imagine. The models do the craziest things in exchange for tips. Rude viewers that are mean to the model or killing the vibe, will be kicked out of the show by the model or a moderator and blocked. Sometimes the model's fans will handle it as well. The model's end up with very loyal followers.

The answer to what happens during the shows is anything and everything. You will see a lot of pussy, a ton of butthole, and an insane amount of cum, squirting, urine, and more. It's crazy. Chaturbate has no limitations as long as it's legal.

chaturbate free online adult web cams and XXX sex chat with no registration or email required

Chaturbate Models Are Sex Machines

The models on Chaturbate are hardcore and well disciplined. These people are having sex for three to six hours a day for one to seven times a week. That is insane. The average person has a few shots a week. These models are having several orgasms a day on consecutive days repeatedly. Yes they're using vibrators but there's a lot of effort that goes into a three to five hour sex show. The male models, oh my god, I don't see how the prevent themselves from cumming when they're getting a blowjob from three girls at once. It's insane. They'll put it in and pull it out. Then ten minutes later, put their dick back in and then pull it out. It takes some serious discipline.

Are Chaturbate Adult Webcams Really Free?

Is Chaturbate, truly free live online adult chat and sex shows? The answer is yes. Chaturbate is truly free for you to watch all you want as long as you want. There is absolutely no cost unless you want to interact with the model. If you want to make a request, do any kind of interaction, or if you want to tip the model, then you have to be registered and have some tokens in your account. If you just want to watch live fuck shows and bounce around from sex show to sex you, you can do that. You can literally watch lesbian scissor, then switch to a gang bang from South America, and then watch three chicks in burkas showing off their tits and asses.

chaturbate free online adult web cams and XXX sex chat with no registration or email required

How long is free on Chaturbate?

For Chaturbate, I have never been timed out. Some of the adult webcam sites will you to an hour with one model (Stripchat) before they block you from that model for three hours but they do not block you from the platform. More than likely, the model's broadcast will be over after the three hours. I have never been blocked from watching a certain model on Chaturbate. However, most of the time, models go in and out of private shows so the camera will be limited if you're not registered and you're not a part of the private show. You can wait till their show is over but most likely, you will find someone else and forget about them until next time when you see them listed in your followed models tab.

Models also sell what's called a crazy ticket for a group show. Everybody that wants to watch buys the ticket and the camera goes black saying show in progress.

How Much Are Chaturbate Tokens

The tokens are valued at $0.05 each when the model trades them in but they are sold for $0.10 each. This is how Chaturbate keeps the lights on. The price for bulk orders is as follows:
100 tokens for $10.99
200 tokens for $20.99 (5% Bonus)
400 tokens for $39.99 (10% Bonus)
550 tokens for $49.99 (21% Bonus)
750 tokens for $62.99 (32% Bonus)
1000 tokens for $79.99 (37% Bonus)

You can also get 200 tokens FREE (a $20.99 value) when you upgrade your account with a $19.95 monthly fee. This will unlock PM & remove ads.

chaturbate free online adult web cams and XXX sex chat with no registration or email required

Payment options include:
Credit/Debit Card (Visa/Mastercard/Discover)
Wire Transfer

There is a limit for seven credit card transactions per day but you can raise your limit if you would like.

chaturbate free online adult web cams and XXX sex chat with no registration or email required

So Is Chaturbate Worth It Or Not?

Chaturbate offers an amazing platform with ultra high definition HD cameras that give you total full access the most intimate parts of a cam models body. You will see both good and bad things that you will never forget. Watch four different cams at once if you have a decent sized desktop monitor or even eight or more cameras if you have two decent size monitors. You can create your own porn theater for free and masturbate to whatever you desire. You're definitely getting more than what you pay for with Chaturbate when you use it for free.

Access to beautiful women from around the globe has never been easier thanks to Chaturbate. They set the standard and are super user friendly. The models are hot. The site is easy on the eyes and there really is no downside to Chaturbate. The Chaturbate experience only gets better when you register and throw a little money at it.

chaturbate free online adult web cams and XXX sex chat with no registration or email required

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