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CamSoda Adult Chat Review

CamSoda Adult Chat is an online adult webcam site that was the first to bring viewers live 360 virtual reality. The popular site has high viewership and a big following. The models are gorgeous and the technology is solid. This CamSoda website review will walk you through the platform and tell you how it compares to it's competitors.

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Quick CamSoda Adult Chat facts from Wikipedia:

  • CamSoda is a live streaming webcam platform started by Daron Lundeen in 2014.
  • It provides traditional and virtual reality shows for adult webcams and non-adult lifestreams.
  • CamSoda was the first to offer 360-degree virtual reality live streams
  • The platform offers an OhRoma scent mask that allows viewers to smell what they are seeing and hearing
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An Overview of CamSoda

After confirming you 18, the age to legally get a tattoo from a licensed tattoo parlor, you will be at CamSoda's home page looking at the typical adult webcam site with a grid format. The white, blue, and pink color scheme are easy on the eyes which is really nice. There is a major sensory overload when you see a ton of gorgeous models doing a variety of different sexual acts on any random login.

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CamSoda Adult Chat is a beautiful destination to see so many wonderful asses and masturbating big tits. A few anomalies like a pregnant lady and a Filipino teen with glasses fucking a dildo in front of giant panda bear may distract you but there is a wide variety of live fuck shows to choose from. One of the cool features on the CamSoda homepage the ability to mouse over a picture and get a five second clip of a recent scene in the current show. This is an essential feature. Some platforms bait users with a sexy picture of a sexy model in a body stocking just to land on a page with the same model in a different outfit, scene, or appearance, when you clicking through to live cams.

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CamSoda User Experience

Starting with the very top menu with a dark pink background, of course there's CamSoda logo with a a link to the CamSoda homepage followed by a “home” link. Then there are links to stream live, dating, my media, exclusive video, my media, top videos, and shop. This is CamSoda's steady attempt to up sell, cross promote, and attempt to have you register. CamSoda is business first so you can't fault them for that. We can however thank them for doing it in a nice way without too distracting pop-ups or click traps.

The stream live and my media links require registration. The dating link is an ad for instabang. Exclusive videos and top videos are CamSoda Adult Chat original content you can unlock with coins. Shop is where you can buy buy shirts, pants, thongs and all kinds of apparel as well as phone covers. To the far right on the top banner, you will find links to sign in or sign up if you're previously registered or haven't registered yet. The next menu down with the blue background has a cam search bar on the left and a model sign up on the right.

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CamSoda has 98 Models Featured on Homepage

The party begins below the top two menus with the model grid featuring 98 models. At the top of the model grid is several tabs and tags to further filter the models down to what you're actually looking for. A quick scroll through the models will not disappoint. They are top notch talent in many forms. You have the most exotic women and the plain Janes. There are small tits and huge tits. It's easy to find a naught school girls and an amazing MILF. CamSoda receives high marks for diversity in talent.

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The mouse over feature is your friend so use it often and you will be very happy. Mousing over the model's grid picture will give you the 10 second preview of the model. Their stage name is also shown. Directly to the right of the model's name is a small number and an eyeball/watching icon that looks like the CBS logo indicating how many viewers there currently are. The next line down under the model's picture is a little sentence like “happy new year best wishes”, “birthday month drinking lingerie”, or “start cum marathon 2021 500 tokens”. The homepage models are not ordered by who's got the most viewers or anything like that. I haven't noticed any ranking scheme or if it's it's simply because the model pays the platform to be featured.

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Filter The Models To Your Liking

You can also use the far left side bar to do this as well. You can easily sort by the typical filters of Female, Trans, Male, or Couple, private show price, ethnicity, and major tags. If you use private show price as a filter, keep in mind there really isn't a difference in the talent for the different rates. At least I've never noticed. The model's set their price and it's basic supply and demand. The prices can be changed as often as they want so don't think you're going to get a top 10 amazing cam show for 120 tokens/min that is way better than a show for 6 or 30 tokens/min. The end result will probably going to be the same.

The right sidebar of the model grid is another attempt to up sell you with amazing content from seriously hot models doing what you want to see without having to ask. You have to be registered and logged in to see the free videos or pay to unlock the videos.

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CamSoda's Model Experience

When you click on a model you want to see, CamSoda Adult Chat takes to their page where they have their show streaming. Every screen has a little bubble that says free tokens on it. Sometimes it says 50 free tokens and other times it says 100. The free tokens is for first time registration. There is also a CamSoda logo at the top. The right side of the screen is where the chat is displayed. The number above the chat next to the people icon is how many people are currently watching the show. To the left of the people icon are the chat and voting buttons. You have to be logged in to use either of those features.

You can't vote the model up or down without tipping them and you can't tip without being logged in. One of the nice things about camp soda is an upper above the model's frame, there's a thumbs up or a thumbs down where users can vote you have to. If you tip the model 25 tokens within 24 hours then you can vote on them. It's a good indicator if there's 93% thumbs up and 7% thumbs down. I don't know who would tip them 25 tokens to a model 24 hours just so they can down vote them. That must be someone really unhappy with the show.

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CamSoda Model's Goals

Also under the models screen will have the goal for the show and how many goals they have plus how many tokens they need to reach the show.

Below the model show there will be their media it says my media where they have pictures or videos that you can you can buy and their bio which is what the they want you to know about them, their gender, how many followers they have, and what they're interested in. A free account is free but you can't interact with the model like on other platforms. To send a private message, add as friend, buy snapchat, or see tip menue, you have to registered and logged in.

Also on the model screen, the right hand side bar has locked videos for you to pay for if you want to see them.

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How Much Are CamSoda Tokens

You have the following options to purchase tokens:
50 tokens for $0.00 (FREE)
50 tokens for $5.99
100 tokens for $10.99
200 tokens for $20.99
400 tokens for $39.99
550 tokens for $49.99

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You can get 200 tokens FREE when you sign up for premium membership for $19.95/month. This will unlock PM & remove ads.

Payment options include:
Credit/Debit Card (Visa/Mastercard/Discover)
Wire Transfer / Check

There is a limit for 6 purchases per day but you can verify yourself and raise your limit.

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CamSoda Conclusion

In this CamSoda Adult Chat review, I walked you through the site and covered the user interface. As you can see, CamSoda is a competitive site. It has outstanding models, a simple presentation, and the additional ads/upsell is not too much of a burden. CamSoda is consistent with peer sites like Chaturbate and StripChat where the models are doing hardcore sex acts for free where the models on other sites are just sitting there fully clothed waiting to do a private show. In this resepct, CamSoda is truly a free site as they advertise. I didn't encounter any limitations that ruined the free experience. My IP wasn't blocked for spending too much time watching one model or anything like that.

My overall opinion of CamSoda is that it is worth your time. The homepage is very friendly and the 10 second preview is helpful. It's worth stating again, the talent is super hot and there is a huge variety. I don't have any virtual reality gear or an OhRama mask so I couldn't evaluate any of those features but the other technology like HD video were on par with competition. CamSoda is definitely a site I will visit when I'm looking for some free sexy adult cam models to help me get my jollies.

CamSoda - discreet web cam babe Hosting Live pornographic Video Videochat and sexual intercourse show with entirely free no registration live sex shows

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